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contact details

Portobello Lane is an on-line exclusive boutique based in France

French registered business siret no. 53319662200013

we welcome any feedback or questions that you may have, please feel free to email or call us...




+33 (0) 678342664  English & French spoken


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Portobello Lane


17600 Saujon





ring sizing


there are a few ring sizing systems in use on the planet today so it can be a little confusing when purchasing a ring, and as our collections are from everywhere, the sizing systems indicated differ depending on where they are from

to make it easier to order correctly sized rings we can send you a nifty little ring sizer tool free of charge, simply complete the contact form below with your name and address details and the rings/designers you are interested in...

however, as we are endeavouring to diminish plastic from our daily practices we would ask that if you can use either of the two options below would be preferable...

option 1 - visit a local jeweller and ask to have your finger measured

option 2 - using a piece of string to wrap around your finger and measure this off against a ruler or tape measure, let us know the measurement in millimetres and we can determine the best size for you  


some sizing tips

❍ when using the ring sizer ensure it can fit back over your knuckle

❍ temperature generally causes fingers to swell or decrease in size so please ensure to factor this in especially when ordering wider rings, for example in summer and more humid climates it is best to order a slightly larger size than normal as your finger may swell under the band

❍ right and left hands are more often than not different sizes so don't assume that if a size fits one hand it will be the same on the other





custom orders and sold out items


depending on the collection some items can be ordered, for example different sizes in rings. If you don't see an item available in your size please email us and we can let you know if it is possible to order

custom orders cannot be returned or exchanged

if something has taken your fancy but is displaying as 'sold out' feel free to email us and we can advise if or when it may be available, or, if we can order it especially for you




as we are based in France the default setting for currency on our site is in Euros

you may select to browse the store in your preferred currency, however at the checkout the currency will automatically be displayed and payments processed in Euros

exchange rates on the site are updated automatically daily so when viewing in your preferred currency you may notice slight fluctuations from time to time



caring for your jewellery

to keep your treasures looking their best we recommend that you do not expose your jewellery to perfume, hairspray or other harsh chemicals, chlorinated swimming pools are particularly not good for sterling silver...

sterling silver naturally dulls over time but it's lustre is easily restored by wiping gently with a polishing cloth such as those available at most supermarkets, for heavily tarnished silver we recommend cleaning with a paste made from bi-carbonate soda and water

some semi precious stones can change colour if exposed to water, especially salt water, so try to remove rings with gems when washing hands, dishes or at the beach

remember that your treasures are jewellery, not pieces of hardware, and despite the fact they have been well crafted they can be delicate and require a little tender loving care...