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about us...

Welcome to Portobello Lane! Originally named after the iconic quarter in London known for it's jewllery and antique stores, Portobello Lane came to be in Melbourne, Australia in the late 1970's. We came on board in 2007 and in 2011 moved the whole kit and kaboodle with us, yes shop and cat included, to the south west coast of France.


We are a small team of two running our on-line exclusive boutique with a huge focus on customer service. We believe life should be simple, basically better quality bang for your buck and a little less bling. This doesn't mean boring, just fewer and better choices. You may not see famous celebrities featured in our slide shows but all the better for you, we can offer you free shipping instead ;-)


Passionate about offering you well made designs and objects from around the world with an emphasis on hand crafted, artisanal jewellery and coming soon - vintage treasures found in our travels. This passion extends to our respect for the environment and we do what we can to make a little difference in our daily business practices, including using eco-friendly packaging, cycling the 12km to our nearest post office to have your treasures delivered using La Poste which is a carbon neutral organisation.


We are always available to answer any questions you may have, simply drop us a line via email using the contact box below. You can also call us, although if you are phoning from the other side of the planet please be aware we may not answer immediately due to the time difference, we could still be in bed...



Wendy Chaston and Christophe Singer